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Arms of  the regiment

During the Civil War foot soldiers were organised in companies commanded by a Captain. A Lieutenant, an Ensign, Sergeants and Corporals helped the Captain. At full strength a company was about 100 soldiers. There were usually between eight and ten companies in a regiment. A regiment was commanded by a Colonel.



These were armed with 5 metre long pikes. In battle they stood in a block and protected the musketeers from enemy cavalry. Sometimes they fought enemy pikemen.

Musketeers were armed with a matchlock musket. In battle they stood in two blocks either side of a block of pikemen. The first rank of soldiers fired their weapons and then filed to the back to reload as the next rank fired.

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The cannons used in the Civil War were very heavy and difficult to move. The largest needed a team of 16 horses to move them. More commonly, smaller cannon were used but even these required at least 4 men to move them.

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Each company had two Drummers. Armed with a sword, they signalled actions to the soldiers over the noise of battle using a drum. In battle they stood at the front between the pike and musket blocks.

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