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How can we help you with an event?

Do you want to add an attraction to your event?

Are you in the process of planning an event for some time in the future and are looking for an attraction that is a little different from the normal? 

A living history display with tents and cooking, soldiers displaying their arms, perhaps some musket firing or a cannon to set your event off with a bang! 

Or are you interested in something larger? We can help.

The voluntary members of Lord Saye and Seles Regiment have been portraying life in the 17th century for more than forty years and have displayed their skills organising many different types and scale of event. 

They are drawn from many walks of life with a broad range of skills and experience. Whatever your event is, however big or small, we have the people and the skills to help get you started and provide what you need. 

All this is backed up by the organisational resources of the Sealed Knot.  

Saye’s members have gained a vast amount of experience in the planning and execution of events of all sizes and have successfully worked with many local authorities and private concerns. 

We proudly provide displays at the ancestral home of Lord Saye and Sele at Broughton Castle in Oxfordshire. 

In recent years, we have provided a range of displays in the East Midlands. We are a regular attraction at Pembroke Castle and work closely CADW and other bodies to provide recreations of seventeenth century life at venues in Southwest Wales.

What we will be able to offer will be dependent on your budget, the size of the area we would be expected to perform in and the time allowed for planning. We are a part of a registered charity, but we need to cover our costs in staging an event.

Large or small – no problem.
Large events can be spectacular, regularly attracting hundreds or even thousands of Sealed Knot members from across the UK when full scale battles can be re­-enacted with cannon, musketeers, pikemen and even cavalry. 

However, we are just as much at home in the smaller events where we can offer living history and drill displays, cameos and small skirmishes. No matter how large or small your event may be, we can help you make it a success.

Please be aware that it can take some time to plan and execute an event and diaries quickly fill, so if you are thinking about making an occasion a little bit different or are already in the process of planning an event and would like to know more, please click here to contact us.

For further information regarding the Sealed Knot

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