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Key Events 2019


FEBRUARY    23rd February: Coleford, Gloucestershire, Annual Commemorative

9th March: Shaw House, Newbury  Earl Rivers Regiment Training day, other local units welcome

13th to 14th, Regimental event at Pembroke Castle
20th to 22nd April, Basing House in Hampshire, a mini for Easter.

5-6th May, South Yorkshire, location to be confirmed, a booked event
11-12th May, Marbury Merry Days, Cheshire
25th to 27th, Major Muster, Deene Park, near Corby    

8th - 9th June, National Botanic Garden of Wales, Mini with Horse
29th - 30th June, Banbury area, Oxfordshire, Major, Cropredy Bridge, Oxfordshire

5th - 7th July, Haywards Heath area, Mini with Horse
6th - 7th July, Marston Moor, North Yorkshire, Commemorative March (Booked Event)
13th - 14th July, Ledbury RFC, Herefordshire, Mini with Horse
27th - 28th July, Cheriton, Hampshire, Major

10th - 11th August, Thirlestane Castle, Lauder, Scottish Borders, Mini
10th - 11th August, Regimental event at Pembroke Castle
 24th - 26th August, North Yorkshire area    Major (Marston Moor Anniversary)


To be confirmed. Ripple, near Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, Annual Commemorative
19th - 20th October, Edgehill Annual, Warwickshire, Annual - Mini with service

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